About us

We are a private equity and advisory company, seeking to investment opportunities consisting of small and medium sized enterprises particularly throughout continental Europe. We seek out companies with growth potential and proven track record of profitability and cash generation. Besides principal investments, we also provide advisory, administration and management services to select clients.


With many years of experience, important contacts and the position that we have built up on the market, we have created an investment platform which is based on trust and stability. Through our experienced team, our advisory board and professional network we have at hand capacities to successfully finance, manage and develop partnering companies in many industries.


The founders of I.C.P. Capital Partners are: I.C.P. Group s.r.o. and Vladimír Říha. They have built a reputation as a quality investor that combines global knowledge of key sectors with specialized experience.


I.C.P. Group s.r.o. (“I.C.P. Group”), is a Czech company based in Prague dealing with investments since 1998. The company is the sole owner of I.C.P. Czech, investiční společnost, a.s., a management company which is regulated by the Czech National Bank and is allowed to manage funds of qualified investors in accordance with European Union directives. I.C.P. Group focuses on private equity investment without particular specialization, so-called opportunistic investments. I.C.P. Group also focuses on real estate market. In the past I.C.P. Group has carried out many transactions in this sector.


I.C.P. Capital Partners takes a flexible approach to ownership of portfolio companies. Important for us is the growth potential, stability of its business model, the strength of the management team and the coordination of interests of all partners.


Company is administrated by TMF Group: www.tmf-group.com
Legal service is provided by DBK Partners: www.dbkp.cz
Tax advisory is provided by Deloitte: www.deloitte.com

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