Our investment criteria

  • Equity investments
  • Purchases and sales of receivables
  • Minimum investment of EUR 1 mil
  • Majority stakes or minorities stakes with strictly defined shareholder agreements
  • A years-long history of proven profitability
  • Expected investment horizon of 3-6 years
  • Ability to generate significant operating cash returns if exit strategy unclear
  • Straightforward, realistic and sustainable business plan
  • Experienced management team with a track record of success in their industry
  • Defendable market position


Geographic Focus:
We are seeking investments domiciled especially in continental Europe


Capital and Investment size
Small and medium enterprises




  • Retirement of founders
  • Divestments of large corporations
  • Management buyouts
  • Fresh capital investments to enable capacity expansion, growth financing or acquisitions
  • Opportunistic situations requiring fast response



Our contribution


  • Strong capital support
  • Experienced management team to oversee and provide support if needed
  • Network of partners enhancing the target’s growth potential

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